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“Matching the helter-skelter intricacy of American Football’s emo-rooted songwriting to the glitz of The 1975, the band’s pop appeal is rooted in something cerebral. Lyrically, Strawberry Blonde wear their hearts on their sleeve, and it leads to something direct, a song that packs an emotional punch.” 

-Clash Magazine


Strawberry Blonde was formed in 2015 at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music. The foundational music education of Martine Mauro-Wade (drums/percussion), Sean Power (bass), Carey Ozmun (vocals/trumpet/keys), Sam Barna (guitar), and Liam Connors (vocals/guitar) set the scene for the band’s genre-bending sound. A combination of pulsating r&b-informed rhythms, dreamy guitars, intricate horn arrangements, and powerfully introspective pop vocals drew comparisons to the likes of Foxing and Bon Iver. 

The track “Another Dream” off of Strawberry Blonde’s debut 2016 EP “Better Still” was included in the film “All Those Friendly People” alongside the likes of Basement and Joyce Manor. In 2019 they released their sophomore EP “Calling.” Strawberry Blonde most recently premiered a pair of double singles "Stay / SPF 3000” and “Always / Please (Somebody Hold Me)” to kick off a long-awaited return to the scene. The band's new EP, "Somebody Hold Me" is available everywhere now! 




Booking: Golden Hour Booking 

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